New biological indicator for soil health

Soil and Ag-input testing service for a circular society, powered by microorganisms


1. To visualize the functions of diverse microorganisms and prove their value in an easy-to-understand way

2. To accelerate the transition to a circular society by making effective use of microorganisms as an added value

What is Biotrex?

BIOTREX is a scientific analysis technology that is based on the Simulation of the Digestibility of microorganisms.

A special test plate containing 95 different types of organic matter (food for the microorganisms) is used in BIOTREX analysis. It measures the metabolism (digestibility) of the whole microbial community in the sample at 15-minute intervals for 48 hours at a constant temperature.

The result will be expressed by a single number index indicating the diversity and vitality of microorganisms, which are the most important points for both soil health and sustainability.

What BIOTREX Index Tells You About Soil? 

The BIOTREX score shows the actual state of the soil, which can be improved by adding the right products and choice of practices.


Low-Value Plate
This indicates significant issues with soil health. A dose of artificial fertilizer and pesticides might prove ineffective in this case, but intensive chemical input is necessary to produce crops.


Mid-Value Plate
This indicates an average soil sample for conventional farming. Yield and effectiveness may be improved by using products and practices most fitted to the soil needs.


High-Value Plate
This indicates excellent results, proving the effectiveness of the products and practices being used. This condition should be maintained through regular analysis.

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What is a Sustainable Agriculture?

An integrated system connects the earth, environment, and people to the future.

Sustainable Agriculture puts the soil microorganisms at the center.

It is essential to achieve more environmentally friendly practices to meet society’s growing food requirements without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

We ask the microorganisms living in the soil if this is really the right direction!

Use case

1. Compost supplier

Producing good compost requires experience and knowledge. Compost can be either a good food source or a toxic substance for microorganisms, depending on the raw materials, the method of fermentation, and the timing of mixing. BIOTREX assists in stabilizing quality and proving it to customers.

2. No-till planter manufacturer

It is increasingly recognized that no-till farming prevents soil erosion and keeps the nutrients in the soil. Minimizing disturbance is also desirable for soil microorganisms. With BIOTREX, you can see trends in how your farming practices are affecting your microorganisms in a single number.

Biotrex in Japan

The method was invented by Dr. Kazunari Yokoyama, a former researcher at the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO). Based on his research, DGC Technology commercialized it in 2010, and over the last decade, BIOTREX has been used in over 20,000 cases by numerous farmers, corporates, and local governments in Japan.



Order the service online by reaching out to us through the contact form. A sampling kit will be delivered to your address within a week.


Collect the samples and send them to our address. You will get a unique bag to collect the samples and instructions on collecting them.


Microbiological analysis of the samples is performed in our lab.


A PDF report will be sent to your email address within two weeks. You will also receive an explainer detailing how to interpret the test results and address the findings.


Currently, we have analysis labs in Japan and Poland. Harada Corporation’s head office is responsible for sales to Europe. Its representative office in Düsseldorf serves as the liaison.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Soil
  • Compost
  • Manure
  • Bokashi
  • Organic Waste
  • Sewage
  • Liquid Nutrients
  • Treated Water
The optimal timing depends on the purpose. For instance, if you want to check the fertility of the soil, you can collect samples before planting seeds or when no crops have been planted. If you want to see how the soil is affected by drought, you can do the analysis when the ground is driest.
The moisture of the soil affects the score. Therefore, the BIOTREX score will change over the season, depending on temperature, rains, and sun exposure. Since soils are very heterogeneous, we advise taking samples from several locations to average results.

Soil: Depending on the purpose, there are two patterns.

  • If you want to look at the biology of the entire field, divide the area into 10-20 plots, take a small sample from each plot, mix them in one bucket, and then take 500g of the sample.
  • If you want to measure a specific problem area, take a sample of that area with pinpoint accuracy. Details are described in the guidebook.


Materials: Mix well and take 500g.

Please put the sample in the aluminum bags sent by us. Seal well and dispatch to the designated address by standard post. It is unnecessary to send them in cold condition, but please be very careful not to let them dry out.

You will receive the results in a PDF file via email. A hard copy of the results is also available upon request.

Consulting services are under development. All essential information will be provided to you in a guidebook.

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